Sustainability Initiatives

Initiatives for environmental consideration

Among the properties that we own, we look to reduce the environmental footprint by installing solar panels on rooftops and converting conventional lighting to LED lighting.

  • Solar panel

  • LED light

Safety, Security, and Resilience Initiatives

Among the properties that we own, we address safety and security risks through the installation of seismic isolation devices, as well as have an on-site fire prevention center operating 24 hours a day, 365 days in our property.

  • Seismic Isolation

  • Fire prevention center

Initiatives for Improving Tenant Satisfaction

Among the properties that we own, we strive to im prove the satisfaction of tenants and users of our facilities by offering cafeteria space, convenience store services, and operating a commuter shuttle bus service to-and-from the nearest station.

  • Cafeteria space

  • Convenience store

  • Operation of a commuter bus

Contributions to local communities

Among the properties that we own, we look to provide various public open spaces along with participating in community events that contribute to the local and regional community.

  • Public open space

Environmental Performance

LLR has been working to reduce energy and greenhouse gases, with the goal of reducing energy consumption and CO2 emission intensity by 5% over a five-year period.
LLR's environmental performance was as follows:

Environmental Performance(PDF)

※Data for all properties in the portfolio 1,478,075,70㎡ (including properties sold during the fiscal period, excluding LOGIPORT Hiratsuka Shinmachi), of which LLR has 92.6% of energy management authority.