Corporate responsibility plan

Social responsibility for the Asset Manager is to make decisions that support the welfare of employees and the interests of society. The Asset Manager will continue its efforts to improve the welfare, health, and safety of its employees, business partners, and local communities, while maintaining the highest standards of corporate ethics.

LRA's Policy on Respect for Human Rights

LRA supports and respects the principles of human rights set forth in the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, the International Labor Organization’s “Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work” (ILO Declaration), the “United Nations Global Compact” and the “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights”, and does not tolerate any violation of human rights under the Human Rights Policy established by LaSalle. Executives and employees are required to report violations of the corporate ethics code, including human rights violations, through an internal reporting system among other means.

LRA will comply with and actively support the following laws and regulations in all areas of its business activities.
・Prohibition of discrimination and prejudice on race, skin color, sex, sexual orientation, disability, etc.
・Prohibition of unjust working conditions and ensuring safety
・Prohibition of forced or child labor
・Freedom of association and respect for the right to collective bargaining

For more information on the Human Rights Policy, see here.

The Investment Corporation does not associate with investments and tenants that 1) earn income from illegal activities such as child labor, slave labor, illegal gambling, and illegal drugs, or 2) violate government sanctions and regulatory restrictions on financial transactions with specific individuals, companies, industries, nations, or anti-social forces, as contrary to social responsibility.


Sustainability Guide for Tenants

The Investment Corporation has prepared and distributed a Sustainability Guide focusing on ESG matters to tenants. We also exchange opinions with tenants with the aim of raising awareness and improving the sustainability of each property.

Tenant satisfaction survey

The Investment Corporation conducts a tenant satisfaction survey once every three years and shares the survey results with property management and building management companies to improve tenant satisfaction and engagement activities in the future.

The 2022 Tenant Satisfaction Survey targeted all tenants (excluding tenants with parking contracts only) at all 18 of our properties (excluding land with leasehold interests) at that time. The interview topics were about their awareness and efforts regarding sustainability.

Major topics

・Evaluation of the overall quality of the building
・Evaluation of operations by the property manager
・Importance of environmental certifications in the selection process of properties to lease
・Identifying desired sustainability initiatives within leased properties

Comfort of tenants

The Investment Corporation is working to improve comfort in order to create a comfortable working environment for tenants and their related parties.

Examples of Efforts

●Renovation of the lounge
 LOGIPORT Sagamihara

For the renovation of the break room, we adopted environment-friendly products for flooring, wallpaper, furniture, etc., installed charging outlets, and incorporated indoor background music.

  • Before

  • After

 LOGIPORT Nagareyama B

  • Before

  • After

Safety and security of tenants

The Investment Corporation is advancing initiatives that consider the ability of tenants and their related parties to use its properties safely and with peace of mind.

Examples of Efforts
  • Operating a 24-hour building management office

  • Disaster drills and fire-fighting drills

  • Seismic isolation system

  • Installation of emergency generators

  • Designating warehouse space for supplies to be used in the event of disasters

  • Disaster-related vending machines

  • Emergency supply box in elevators

  • Installation of AEDs

  • Installation of LED lighting

Measures to prevent COVID-19 infections

Supply chain with business partners

One of the selection criteria when the Investment Corporation selects a business partner is the assessment on how the potential business partner is addressing ESG issues. In addition, if the business partners have not sufficiently addressed ESG issues after the start of conducting business with the Investment Corporation, appropriate measures will be taken.

Business partner code of conduct

In accordance with the "Vendor Code of Conduct" established by LaSalle, LRA requires all business partners and their employees, agents, and subcontractors to comply with the same ethical business practices, highest degree of professionalism and laws and regulations. Emphasis is placed on the following items:

・Policies defined in the Global Health, Safety and Environment Policy
・Human Rights and Equal Opportunity
・Environmental and Social Sustainability Initiatives

For more information on "Vendor Code of Conduct", see here.

Sustainable Procurement Policy

In accordance with the "Global Sustainable Sourcing and Procurement Policy" established by LaSalle, LRA will give preferential treatment as a supplier to companies that implement sustainability initiatives. To build a sustainable supply chain, LRA will deepen its cooperation with companies by considering the following:

・Corporate culture that emphasizes the welfare, health, and safety of employees
・Strict observance of minimum wages and support for fair wages and living wages
・Diversification of workplaces
・Reduction efforts of CO2 emissions from products and services
・Assessing climate change resilience of products and services

Please refer to this for more information on sustainable procurement policies.

Contributing to Communities

The Investment Corporation is constantly making an impact on communities through employment opportunities created through its business activities and through the recruitment of business partners rooted in local communities. The Investment Corporation supports activities that contribute to the revitalization of the community and recognizes that such initiatives are the foundation of sustainable growth in the business.

Examples of Activities

●Cooperation agreement on disaster management with a local government

We have executed an agreement with a local government to provide our facility as a base for collecting and transporting relief supplies in the event of a disaster.

List of properties that have cooperation agreements on disaster management with local governments

Property name Location
LOGIPORT Kitakashiwa 13-1 Matsugasaki Nitta, Kashiwa-city, Chiba
LOGIPORT Nagareyama B 66-1 Tani, Nagareyama-city, Chiba
LOGIPORT Osaka Taisho 1-2-21 Funamachi, Taisho-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka

●Registering our properties as evacuation centers in case of a disaster

LOGIPORT Hashimoto and LOGIPORT Sagamihara are registered as evacuation centers in disaster situations under the Sagamihara City Disaster Management Cooperation Office Registration System.

●Provision of Site

LOGIPORT Hashimoto and LOGIPORT Kawasaki Bay provide a part of the site as a sidewalk to improve the safety and convenience of pedestrians.

●Sharing of open space

Passageways and greenery areas are opened to the public.

●Donation of disaster supplies

Among the disaster supplies at LOGIPORT Hashimoto and LOGIPORT Sagamihara, we donate food items that are approaching the expiration date (3+ months prior to expiration) to a public association called Food Bank Kanagawa.

●Local production for local consumption

LOGIPORT Sagamihara used lumber from Kanagawa Prefecture for some of the furniture in the lounge to contribute to the revitalization of local forests.

●Donations to nursing homes

The LaSalle Group donates to orphanages through a non-profit organization called “BLUE FOR JAPAN” and encourages executives and employees to participate in a variety of charity events sponsored by the NPO.

●Google’s “Mind the Gap” Program

“Mind the Gap” is a program by Google that provides opportunities for female junior and senior high school students to learn about information technology. Through a non-profit organization called “BLUE FOR JAPAN”, the LaSalle Group cooperated in a “Mind the Gap” program which involved high school students from orphanages


Since the Investment Corporation is prohibited from hiring employees under the provisions of the Investment Trust Act, there are no employees housed under the Investment Corporation. The management of the Investment Corporation is entrusted to the employees of LaSalle REIT Advisors (LRA), the asset management company. Please refer to the LRA’s website for employee initiatives.